New Jersey Election Results

New Jersey will have a new House representative after voters have elected Donald Payne Jr. from Newark during the Tuesday Primary. He is replacing his deceased father Representative Steve Rothman after a tedious battle with Representative Bill Pascrell. Fans of these two democratic groups – Newark’s 10th District and Hudson’s 9th District gathered during the primaries to cast their votes for the presidential candidates. Mitt Romney won the GOP Presidential Primary with 81% of the votes, followed by Ron Paul with 10%, and Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich with 5% and 3% of votes respectively. Figures of the presidential primary can be found here.

The public has already anticipated that Payne was going to win the race. But even Pascrell surprised himself and the voters when he won over Rothman in a close election call especially since both of the candidates are favored by the Democrats. But Payne, through his overpowering influence of money and name, defeated Ron Rice and State Senator Nia Gill who are all Essex County holders. Payne comes one of the most prominent political dynasties. His father, Representative Donald Payne Sr., is recognized for being a great leader. Although the younger Payne is scrutinized of not living the legacy that his father left, the voters still went for popularity and voted him to win the race eventually.

In this political race, Payne will face Republican candidate Brian Kelemen who are both representatives in Essex County. Payne is supported by the Essex County Democratic Party which is the most influential political parties in the county. It is expected that he will have the majority by a ratio of 10 to 1 since Essex is a Democrat-dominated region. Meanwhile, Pascrell won over Rothman during the 9th Congressional district elections. The winning of Pascrell has tainted the friendship between the two. President Obama explicitly expressed support to Rothman against Bill Clinton who visited New Jersey to campaign for the opposing party.

On the other side of the stage, Senator Joseph Kyrillos defeated three not-so-well-known candidates and he is now embarked to beat Democratic incumbent Robert Menendez on the United States Senate Primary. Kyrillos, although not as popular as his opponent, was able to harvest support because of the influence and financial support of his friend, Governor Chris Christie. Kyrillos tagged Menendez as a mediocre senator and claims that their party deserved to win most senatorial slots in order to break the 36-year streak of the opposition. The result of the senatorial race can be found here.

Other candidates who are getting another chance in the 6th Congressional District are former Highlands Mayor Anna Little who will be facing Frank Pallone and Ernesto Cullari who is well-known as a moonlight singer. Similarly, Marie Corfield who is an elementary school teacher and was defeated in the Assembly last year will run again this year after defeating Princeton Township Deputy Mayor Sue Nemeth. Her story became rival and became an instant hit on the news.