New Jersey Democratic Party

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NJDSC) is the state affiliate of the National Democratic Party. Since January 27, 2010, the NJDSC has been headed by John S. Wisniewski as the Chairman and Camden Mayor Dana Redd as the Vice Chairwoman. The US Democratic Party is run by an executive committee that is composed of 13 state Democratic officials. Similarly, the New Jersey Democratic Party is majorly composed of the New Jersey Senate and the New Jersey General Assembly. In addition to that, the party takes part in seven of the state’s 13 House seats, taking the majority group aside from a number of US Senatorial slots.

John S. Wisniewski has served the NJDSC since 2010. His leadership was unanimously voted by the board members and he has served as a DNC member long before that. He also represented the 19th Legislative District in the General Assembly that was held in New Jersey. He also has a wide experience in public service being the Deputy Speaker, Chair of the Transportation, Public Works, and Independent Authorities Committee. He also became a member of the Appropriations Committee & the Financial Institution and the Insurance Committee. Aside from that, he is a lawyer and a managing partner of the Wisniewski & Associates Incorporated.

Vice Chairman Dana Redd has been in the NJDSC since 2006. Over the years of her tenure, she was recognized as a compassionate and effective leader of the Democratic Party in New Jersey. Her years as a politician rocketed when she became a state senator of the 5th District. At present, she also serves as a member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee together with Wisniewski. She started as a councillor in 2001 in which she advocated for equality and parity with regard to the community’s diversity. She is now a Chair of the Finance Committee and a member of the Public Works Committee and Administration Committee. Redd’s activeness in the political era has jumpstarted the enthusiasm for female politicians and elevated the respect for Black officials.

In the US Senate, the NJDSC is represented by the following people:
Frank Lautenberg
Bob Menendez

In the US House of Representatives, the following represents the state Democratic Party:
Rob Andrews, 1st District
Frank Pallone, 6th District
Bill Pascrell, 8th District
Steve Rothman, 9th District
Don Payne, 10th District
Rush D. Holt, Jr., 12th District
Albio Sires, 13th District

The following is the list of chairmen and women from 1908 to present:
James Nugent, 1908-1911
Edward Grosscup, 1911-1919
Charles McDonald, 1919-1922
Harry Heher, 1922-1932
Mary Teresa Norton, 1932-1935
William Kelly, 1935-1938
David Wilentz, 1938
Crawford Jamieson, 1939
Mary Teresa Norton, 1940-1944
Edward Hart, 1944-1953
Charles Howell, 1953-1954
George Brunner, 1954-1961
Thorn Lord, 1961-1965
Robert Burkhardt, 1965-1969
Salvatore A. Bontempo, 1969-1973
James P. Dugan, 1973-1977
Richard J. Coffee, 1977-1981
James F. Maloney, 1981-1985
Raymond M. Durkin, 1985-1990
Philip M. Keegan, 1990-1992
Raymond Lesniak, 1992-1994
Tom Byrne, 1994-1997
Thomas P. Giblin, 1997-2001
Joseph J. Roberts, 2001-2002
Bonnie Watson Coleman, 2002-2006
Joseph Cryan, 2006-2010
John S. Wisniewski, 2010-present